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Aloha Friday

CooL106.7 declares EVERY Friday between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend...


What is Aloha Friday? Aloha Friday is simply a celebration of summer and summer weather. Here in the Southern Tier, our summers are very limited, so we decided that we should all make the most out of what we get! 

How can YOU celebrate Aloha Friday? It's simple! Just wear a Hawaiian shirt every Friday! Get your friends, family, and co-workers to wear them too! Then snap a photo and share to social media using #CooL1067AlohaFriday

Start you summer weekends early with CooL106.7 and Aloha Friday!!

CooL106.7 Morning Show Host - Shimes in the Morning &
Equinox Broadcasting Marketing Consultant Kevin Varney
celebrating #CooL1067AlohaFriday


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